Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Speaker Edifier

No power required! - Well maybe just one USB wire. USB powered stylish designed 2.0 audio system for desktops and all portable device.
  • Compact size 2.0 speaker.
  • Flat panel style, designed for use with LCD monitor.
  • Magnetically shielded driver.
  • USB power supply.
  • Volume control and Headphone jack in front panel.
  • Amplifier Power Output: RMS RMS 0.6w x 2
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio : >= 80dBA
  • Input port:3.5 stereo Line-in
  • Input Impedance : 10ohm
  • System Frequency Response: L/R 150Hz-20KHz
  • Full range Unit: Magnetically Shielded (50 x 90mm), 4 ohm
  • Power Input: DC 5V USB power supply
  • Gross Weight: approximately 1.2Lbs(0.55Kg) 
R18 USB-->Rp.155.000
    A step-up from the entry level R10 model, the Edifier R18 adds even more features such as MDF wood enclosures to enhance the sound quality further. A fine choice for CD, MP3, and DVD players, as well as for general PC use.
      • MDF wood enclosure .
      • Magnetically shielded drivers virtually eliminate monitor and TV screen interference.
      • Power indicator and Headphone jack on front panel .
      • Front panel controls for Volume knob and power on/off.
      • Compact size,simple design, optimized for office and home.
      • Power Output: RMS 2W×2
      • Input Impedance:10K Ohm
      • Input Sensitivity: 250mv
      • Driver unit: paper voice coil,4Ohm, magnetically shielded
      • Dimension:3.3"x6.5"x5" (85x166x125mm) WxHxD
      • Gross Weight: approximately 4Lbs (1.8kg)
      • Power Requirement:100V-120V ~, 50/60Hz
      • Max Power Consumption: 5W
      R101V -->Rp. 210.000
      M1360 -->Rp. 245.000
      The Edifier M1360 is an entry-level 2.1 multimedia speaker, which is both stylish and impressive sounding. The uniquely designed downward firing wooden subwoofer with front bass reflex port further enhances bass performance. Specially designed satellite speakers are a stylish addition with any LCD monitor or display. The M1360 satellites and subwoofer are both magnetically shielded. An ergonomically designed wired volume control also includes a headphone jack and an audio mute button for added convenience. The all new M1360 is ideal for almost all of today's multimedia applications.
      • A stylish addition to your computer system
      • Down-firing subwoofer in wood cabinet with front bass reflex port
      • Uniquely designed satellite speakers
      • Magnetically shielded satellites and subwoofer
      • Front port design for detailed bass
      • Wired control for Mute, Volume and build in Headphone Jack.
      • Total Power Output: RMS 2W x 2 + 4.5W (THD=10%)
      • Signal-to-Noise Ratio : >=85dBA
      • Input Impedance: 10Kohm
      • Input Sensitive: Satellites--350mV+/-50mV ; Subwoofer-- 250mV+/- 50mV
      • Bass driver unit: 4"(106mm) , magnetically shielded,  6 Ohm
      • Satellite speaker Drivers: 2"x3 3/5" (50 x 90mm); 4Ohm magnetically shielded
      • Dimensions: Subwoofer -- 158x225x252mm ( WxHxD) Satellite -- 64x140x112mm (WxHxD)
      • Gross Weight: approximately 7Lbs (3.2kg)
      • Power Requirement: 100~240V
      MP15 -->Rp. 314.000

      Compact, portable multimedia audio speaker system
      SD card support, compatible with all audio formats
      USB charging capability
      Neodymium magnetically shielded, high efficiency driver with aluminium voice coil
      Dual power supply; internal lithium battery, Mini USB power input
      Environmentally friendly housing
      Protective pouch for transportation

      Total power output: RMS 1W x 2
      THD + N (testing level):10%
      Signal to noise ratio:≥80dBA
      Input sensitivity:450mV ± 50mV
      Input impedance:10KΩ
      Audio Input Type:3.5mm stereo input, SD card reader
      Adjustment:Input selection, Play/pause, Track navigation for use with SD card, Volume, Power
      Subwoofer / bass unit:Bass reflection port
      Tweeter unit: 1½ inch (40mm), Magnetically shielded, 6Ω 
      Control panel:Input selection, Play/pause, Track navigation for use with SD card, Volume, Power
      Dimensions:200mm x 60mm x 33mm (WxHxD)
      Weight:≈0.20Kg (net) / ≈0.30Kg (gross)

      M1385F -->Rp. 385.000
      MP250 -->Rp. 410.000
      MP250 USB is an elegant all-in-one micro speaker system housed in an elegant brushed aluminium tube finish. Fully portable, the micro speaker system is USB powered with full USB audio streaming capability with an elaborately designed bass passive radiator. Connected to the USB port of a laptop, PC or home based computer system MP250 USB provides exceptional audio with far greater performance than any built-in audio solution. Volume control comes from the host device. The system is compact, robust and fully portable, protected by a soft-carry case during transit, enabling audio on the go, for personal use or business.
      • USB powered & USB streamed speaker system housed in an aluminum tube
      • Two channel stereo speaker with two 1.25inch drivers on each channel
      • Elaborately designed bass passive radiator
      • 3.5mm Auxiliary input port
      • Soft Carry pouch and USB cable included
      • Power Output: RMS 2W x 2(THD+N=10%)
      • Signal-to-Noise Ratio : >=75dBA
      • Input Sensitive: USB: 800mV+/-50mV ; AUX 500mV+/- 50mV
      • Dimensions:11.5x5.8x2.4inch (282x145x59mm) (WxHxD)
      • Gross Weight: approximately 1.1Lbs(0.5kg
      P3060 -->Rp. 450.000
      C1 -->Rp. 635.000
      E3350 -->Rp. 750.000
      • Exotic pyramid shaped downward firing subwoofer.
      • 2-Way satellites with soft silk dome tweeters - magnetically shielded.
      • Pro-design 2-way satellite crossover.
      • New anti-resonant composite material satellite enclosures.
      • Separate bass level adjustment on subwoofer.
      • Avaible in 7 colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple and Silver.
      • Unique wired controller with red Halo style design power indicator includes headphone jack, and input for MP3, and CD players.
      • Power Output: RMS 9Wx2+32W (THD=10%)
      • Signal to Noise Ratio:>=85dBA
      • Distortion:<=0.5% THD
      • Input Impedance: 10K Ohm
      • Input Sensitivity: Satellites---550+/-50mV; Subwoofer---200+/-50mV
      • Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz
      • Bass Unit: 5" driver, magnetically shielded, 5Ohm
      • Satellite Unit: 2.75" oval shaped driver,4 Ohm and 3/4" PV dome tweeter, magnetically shielded, 4Ohm
      • Dimension: Subwoofer --9.8"x7.8"x11.6"(248x199x294mm) (WxHxD)
                          Satellite --3.8"x9.2"x4.6"(96x234x118mm) WxHxD
      • Gross Weight: approximately 11Lbs(5kg)
      • Power Input: 100V-240V wide range AC power adapter,18V
      C2+/HCS2330 2.1 -->Rp. 820.000
      S330D -->Rp. 1.320.000
      Designed for the home PC gaming and music fan, the all new system provides awesome performance. All enclosures are made from high quality MDF wood, with the satellites being finished in high gloss piano black. The subwoofer is fitted with a dual voicecoil reflex loaded woofer, and a high power amplifier that delivers superb bass definition. Edifier’s newly developed high performance tweeter with machined phase plug is fitted to enable incredible smoothness and wide dispersion for the satellites. Simply put, the new S330D Mediapro system will satisfy even the most ardent of audio enthusiasts.
      • 2.1 speaker system with 6.5 inch dual voicecoil subwoofer.
      • High power BTL (Bridged Tied Load) amplifier delivers excellent dynamics.
      • Wood MDF housings for all speaker enclosures ensure superb clarity.
      • 2-way satellites with pro-designed crossovers and high gloss piano finish.
      • High performance soft silk dome tweeter with phase plug for extra smooth wide response.
      • Headphone output and auxiliary(AUX) input on wired remote controller.
      • Subwoofer built-in Bass control.
      • Unique Halo style design power indicator.

      • Power Output: RMS 18W x 2 + 36W (THD=10%)
      • Signal to Noise Ratio: >=85dBA
      • Amplifier Distortion: THD+N<0.5%
      • Input Impendence: 10K Ohm
      • Input Sensitivity: 400mv. (+/- 50mV)
      • Frequency Respense: 55Hz - 20KHz
      • Bass Unit: 6.5" (106mm), magnetically shielded, 4Ohm.
      • Satellite Unit: 2" (78mm) mid-range and 3/4 inch silk dome tweeter, 4Ohm,magnetically shielded.
      • Dimension: Subwoofer ---9.7"x9.7"x11.3" (246x246x286 mm) WxDxH
                          Satellites ---2.7"x7.5"x3.9" (68x190x100mm) WxDxH
      • Gross Weight: approximately 19Lbs (8.6kg)
      • Power Input: 100V-120V ~, 50/60Hz
      C3 2.1 -->Rp. 1.430.000
      iF350 -->Rp. 1.630.000
      DA5000 PRO -->Rp. 2.100.000
      C6/HCS5640 5.1--> Rp. 2.600.000
      iF500/Luna Encore -->Rp. 3.100.000
      iF360 -->Rp. 3.600.000
      S730 -->Rp. 3.830.000

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