Saturday, 7 May 2011

Aneka Mouse GENIUS

Mouse GENIUS Optical 800dpi Netscroll 120 PS2--> Rp. 50.000

Mouse GENIUS Traveler P330 USB--> Rp. 160.000

Mouse GENIUS Laser Ergo 525 USB--> Rp. 360.000

2000 dpi laser gaming mouse

  • Laser technology provides 100 times more tracking power than LED optical mice
  • One button sensitivity adjustment to 2000, 1600, 800and 400 dpi resolution
  • Works reliably on glossy or uneven surfaces
  • 6.4 mega pixels/sec image processing provides precise tracking
  • Programmable multimedia one-touch buttons for superior performance
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable control
  • 4D Scrolling function - up/down/left/right scrolling
PortUSB + PS2
OS SupportWin 2003/XP/Me/2000/98/Mac OS
4D ScrollYES
8Way Scroll
Both Headset
Optical Sensor
Laser SensorYES
Resolution(dpi)400/800/1600/ 2000
Touch Scroll
Hyper Speed Scroll
Gaming MouseYES
Presenter+Laser Beam
Air Cursor

System Requirements:

  • IBM PC Pentium 233 compatible or higher
  • Windows Vista/2003/XP/x64/Me/2000/98SE
  • Available USB or PS/2 port
  • CD/DVD-ROM drive for software installation

Package Contents:

  • Ergo 525 Mouse
  • USB to PS/2 adapter
  • Ergo Series CD driver
  • User's guide
Mouse GENIUS Laser Traveler T925 Wireless 2,4 GHz--> Rp. 315.000

Mouse GENIUS Laser Ergo 300USB--> Rp. 170.000

Mouse GENIUS Micro Traveler 330S Carbon Cover--> Rp. 110.000

Mouse GENIUS Laser Traveler 315 USB--> Rp. 180.000

Mouse GENIUS Navigator 905BT Bluetooth--> Rp. 215.000

Mouse GENIUS Traveler T915 Bluetooth Presenter--> Rp. 450.000

Bluetooth wireless laser mouse presenter

  • Stylish slim and flat design with metal cover for new mouse image.
  • 1600/800dpi switch able Bluetooth mini laser mouse; easy to connect with Bluetooth notebook
  • Laser engine technology provide better tracking power than LED optical mice; surface friendly
  • Mouse with presenter function; easy using for presentation
  • 4D scroll for fast browsing up/down/left/right on the Internet and in Windows documents.
  • Power switch can extend battery life also with battery indicator light
  • Suitable for notebook users

OS SupportWindows Vista/XP x64/XP;Mac OS 10.2.8 或以上
4D ScrollYES
8Way Scroll
Both HeadsetYES
Optical Sensor
Laser SensorYES
Resolution(dpi)1600 (預設值)/800 dpi
Touch Scroll
Hyper Speed Scroll
Gaming Mouse
Presenter+Laser BeamYES
Air Cursor

System Requirements:

  •  IBM PC Pentium 233 compatible or higher
  • Windows Vista/XP x64/XP SP2
  • Macintosh with OS 10.2.8 or above
  • Notebook enabled with Bluetooth wireless technology
  • CD/DVD-ROM driver for software installation

Package Contents:

  • Traveler 915BT Laser mouse
  • Two AAA batteries
  • User’s guide
  •  Mouse CD driver
  • Carry bag
Mouse GENIUS Micro Traveler 330 USB--> Rp. 75.000

Mouse GENIUS Wireless Micro Traveler 900S--> Rp. 235.000

Mouse GENIUS Micro Traveler USB--> Rp. 95.000

Mouse GENIUS Wireless Mini Navigator 900--> Rp. 170.000

Mouse GENIUS Wireless ScrollToo 700--> Rp. 155.000

Mouse GENIUS Laser Navigator 335 Carbon Cover--> Rp. 130.000

Mouse GENIUS Wireless Laser Navigator 635--> Rp. 255.000

Mouse GENIUS Laser USB NS G500--> Rp. 185.000

Mouse GENIUS Wireless ScrollToo 600--> Rp. 160.000

Mouse GENIUS Laser Traveler 355 USB --> Rp. 220.000

Mouse GENIUS Micro Traveler 300 USB --> Rp. 80.000
Mouse Optical GENIUS 6000 Wireless Rp. 150.000 
GENIUS Traveller 9000 Optical Wireless Rp. 175.000

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