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”obeng 16 in 1 Obeng Rp.15.000 Obeng+Testpen Rp. 12.000 TestPen Rp. 5.000 Flash Disk PenDrive 8GB Rp. 60.000 Mousepad DA big size Rp. 120.000 Flash Disk APACER 2GB hijau Rp. 35k Aneka Flash Disk Lucu 4GB  Rp. 70k

Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Aneka Mouse GENIUS

Mouse GENIUS Optical 800dpi Netscroll 120 PS2--> Rp. 50.000

Mouse GENIUS Traveler P330 USB--> Rp. 160.000

Mouse GENIUS Laser Ergo 525 USB--> Rp. 360.000

2000 dpi laser gaming mouse

  • Laser technology provides 100 times more tracking power than LED optical mice
  • One button sensitivity adjustment to 2000, 1600, 800and 400 dpi resolution
  • Works reliably on glossy or uneven surfaces
  • 6.4 mega pixels/sec image processing provides precise tracking
  • Programmable multimedia one-touch buttons for superior performance
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable control
  • 4D Scrolling function - up/down/left/right scrolling
PortUSB + PS2
OS SupportWin 2003/XP/Me/2000/98/Mac OS
4D ScrollYES
8Way Scroll
Both Headset
Optical Sensor
Laser SensorYES
Resolution(dpi)400/800/1600/ 2000
Touch Scroll
Hyper Speed Scroll
Gaming MouseYES
Presenter+Laser Beam
Air Cursor

System Requirements:

  • IBM PC Pentium 233 compatible or higher
  • Windows Vista/2003/XP/x64/Me/2000/98SE
  • Available USB or PS/2 port
  • CD/DVD-ROM drive for software installation

Package Contents:

  • Ergo 525 Mouse
  • USB to PS/2 adapter
  • Ergo Series CD driver
  • User's guide
Mouse GENIUS Laser Traveler T925 Wireless 2,4 GHz--> Rp. 315.000

Mouse GENIUS Laser Ergo 300USB--> Rp. 170.000

Mouse GENIUS Micro Traveler 330S Carbon Cover--> Rp. 110.000

Mouse GENIUS Laser Traveler 315 USB--> Rp. 180.000

Mouse GENIUS Navigator 905BT Bluetooth--> Rp. 215.000

Mouse GENIUS Traveler T915 Bluetooth Presenter--> Rp. 450.000

Bluetooth wireless laser mouse presenter

  • Stylish slim and flat design with metal cover for new mouse image.
  • 1600/800dpi switch able Bluetooth mini laser mouse; easy to connect with Bluetooth notebook
  • Laser engine technology provide better tracking power than LED optical mice; surface friendly
  • Mouse with presenter function; easy using for presentation
  • 4D scroll for fast browsing up/down/left/right on the Internet and in Windows documents.
  • Power switch can extend battery life also with battery indicator light
  • Suitable for notebook users

OS SupportWindows Vista/XP x64/XP;Mac OS 10.2.8 或以上
4D ScrollYES
8Way Scroll
Both HeadsetYES
Optical Sensor
Laser SensorYES
Resolution(dpi)1600 (預設值)/800 dpi
Touch Scroll
Hyper Speed Scroll
Gaming Mouse
Presenter+Laser BeamYES
Air Cursor

System Requirements:

  •  IBM PC Pentium 233 compatible or higher
  • Windows Vista/XP x64/XP SP2
  • Macintosh with OS 10.2.8 or above
  • Notebook enabled with Bluetooth wireless technology
  • CD/DVD-ROM driver for software installation

Package Contents:

  • Traveler 915BT Laser mouse
  • Two AAA batteries
  • User’s guide
  •  Mouse CD driver
  • Carry bag
Mouse GENIUS Micro Traveler 330 USB--> Rp. 75.000

Mouse GENIUS Wireless Micro Traveler 900S--> Rp. 235.000

Mouse GENIUS Micro Traveler USB--> Rp. 95.000

Mouse GENIUS Wireless Mini Navigator 900--> Rp. 170.000

Mouse GENIUS Wireless ScrollToo 700--> Rp. 155.000

Mouse GENIUS Laser Navigator 335 Carbon Cover--> Rp. 130.000

Mouse GENIUS Wireless Laser Navigator 635--> Rp. 255.000

Mouse GENIUS Laser USB NS G500--> Rp. 185.000

Mouse GENIUS Wireless ScrollToo 600--> Rp. 160.000

Mouse GENIUS Laser Traveler 355 USB --> Rp. 220.000

Mouse GENIUS Micro Traveler 300 USB --> Rp. 80.000
Mouse Optical GENIUS 6000 Wireless Rp. 150.000 
GENIUS Traveller 9000 Optical Wireless Rp. 175.000

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